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Testimonial - Bob McCarroll

I'd like to state up front, that I am a truly, true believer in Jerry Donato. Period. Sure, Jerry's one hell of a nice guy and an incredible sax player who can add dimension and validity to any musical genre: And sure, Jerry will always gives you 110% of his heart and soul, but I think one of the greatest things about the man is his willingness to share his incredible knowledge and talents: and, trust me, they're worth having as he has so many wonderful ideas to offer.

Jerry has played on two of my projects, "That Old Feeling," and "Now & Then." In fact, Jerry's playing was so beautiful that one reviewer commented: "It's clearly a record made by highly experienced musicians who've honed their craft playing in bands over many a year. Jerry Donato's tenor sax, in particular, is great to listen to...." ("That Old Feeling" review – Sound On Sound Magazine – November 2011). I can't thank Jerry enough for his help and contributions over the past few years. U Da Man!

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